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The Ask: 

Develop a campaign that celebrates and highlights Kawhi Leonard’s values & mystique.

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The Approach:

We studied. Taking the time to really understand the core of who Kawhi Leonard is. We looked at his dedication to not only his craft but also his community, bringing the team to the idea of #Kawhiit. Something more than just a play on his name, but a declaration to be great.⁣ An action, a verb. A way to inspire others to be proactive in everything they do for themselves and others. 

We wanted the campaign to be impactful beyond the stands and the walls of the court. So we created a backpack giveaway in the Staples Center with a simple task:

Let your actions do the talking. ⁣

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The Results:

Armed with a backpack and a message to pay it forward, fans inspired by Kawhi Leonard went out and gave to those in need. 

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