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The Ask: 

Create an idea that will aid KFC in becoming a part of halloween culture and stay relevant in the conversation. 

*Art Director

The Approach:

Halloween is a time of costumes, candy and buckets of fun. So why not create our own Colonel costume and halloween buckets? An easy way to get costumers engaged while injecting KFC into the halloween sphere.  

The Execution

We sold the costume online at the KFC store to drive traffic to the website. But used the various KFC franchise locations to give away the halloween buckets, driving customers to the the restaurant. 

kfc halloween masks.jpg

Many fans and customers loved the costumes and the buckets, both running out of supply immediately. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 4.43.58 AM.png
kfc new years.jpg

The year I was in charge of the

New Years instagram post. 

The Ask: 

In 2016 I was also tasked with

creating content for KFC's halloween. 

The Approach:

We created a series of limited edition movie posters based on all things chicken and gave them away to randomly selected fans via instagram.


Social media post I was asked

to create to celebrate KFC being named A-list marketer

of the year. 

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