The Ask: 

Create images that represent how the internet, technology, and data influence style and clothing trends for Vox media. 

Pixel Designer 
Style is an Algorithm Lead-pixel.gif
Style is an Algorithm horizontal 1_fixed.png
Style is an Algorithm horizontal 2.jpg

I created 5 illustrations total. Three horizontals, two verticals with one being an animated lead. I aimed to create a variety of people and multiple ways to bring the idea of technology influenced style to life. 

Style is an Algorithm spot1.jpg
Style is an Algorithm spot 2

Had the pleasure of creating the PQ Monthly publication cover for the Nerdy Edition that ran in both print and digital.

Museum of African Diaspora

Digitalia was an exhibition that I had the privilege to take part in. Curated by Yesladypheonix this show was created to show the intersection of blackness, technology and identity.