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The Adventures of Momoland 
A fantasy series that follows the mystical life of a runaway and her magical friends 
as she learns the truth about herself, the monsters of their world, and the secrets of the past as she builds the Kingdom of Momoland. 
With friends like Tobias, Loosha, and Rihleigh guiding and fighting along side her, will Momo succeed or forever be doomed to the evils of Oreamus.
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Picking up where we left off Momo finally grabs ahold of Tobias the star and learns that she had powers all along. Now reunited with the star of Minah, Momo's powers are revived! 

Now meet King Castle! 

The first villain of the story introduced. The character illustration was worked on and off for a year. 
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I just want to sleep King Castle thought to himself, still full from the commoners he'd eaten that day. He peered inside his walls to check on the inhabitants. The King and Queen of Oreamus were talking in the courtyard while their daughter Remel yelled at a servant. 


A scream let out from the kitchen halls. "The Castle is moving!" A jolt of pain had shot through his hardened structure like a bolt of lighting. King Castle roared. His brick walls trembling. The air had changed only slightly around him, but even from a distance he could sense it. 


The powers of Minah had appeared. 


King Castle wanted that power. He leaped into the air heading towards the magic's direction only to stop as the binding spell enclosing him ignited. His frustrated roars sounded across the lands as unbeknownst to Momo and the star Tobias, an enemy had awakened...

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Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 11.14.53 PM.png
Momoland started in 2016 as an art show in Atlanta, GA. Since then, the franchise has grown into a vr game, Museum showings, collectibles and much more. It's current exhibition is held at MassArt Museum in Boston, MA. 
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