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The Ask: 

Create a campaign to help introduce
Yo-Kai Watch to the U.S. audience.  


The Problem:

Yo-Kai are spirits well known in Japanese culture. They have always been apart of folklore.

But the U.S. has no equivalent to them or understanding. How do you both introduce a new game while explaining what these Yo-kai are and do? 

The Approach:

"Yokai is why" I created a phrase that could easily explain how the Yo-kai effect the protagonist in the game, since Yo-kai are the reasons why you do what you're doing. Visually, we used the anime that the game is based on to inspire a fun lighthearted campaign feel. 

Commercial 1

Commercial 2

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at

"Yo-kai is Why" went on to become the official U.S. tagline aiding in launch events such as Nintendo World and New York Comic Con as well as their in house creations. 

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