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Song Push Review

“Momo Pixel blends soulful vocals with a lo-fi, glitch-fueled soundscape that’s as engaging as it is unique.”

– Electronic North 
Genre: #R&B #Soul #Hiphop
Label: Independent
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Momo Pixel is an American musical artist. She began her musical journey in Atlanta in 2012 with the release of her first mixtape Living in Blue.

Her next release wouldn't come until 2017 with her EP Dexter's Lab. A three song project with production provided by Dexter Dukarus. It was received well with Dj Booth stating "it's a great look at Pixel's potential"


With the success of her music growing Momo embarked on her largest project to date, a self-produced album I don't play guitar. It was released September 26, 2018 with positive reviews. 


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upstream festival

As much as I'd love to bore you about all my past performances, I'd rather you just judge me off the music. So push play!


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