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Footage courtesy of: Destiny Meta 
Music by: Cass Cuttlefish

The Hair Nah Arcade is a video game about a Black woman tired of people touching her hair. The game is played via motion capture, without the use of any joysticks or buttons. The cabinet was designed and built by Momo Pixel and Death by Audio Arcade.

The original web based game was created in 2017 by Momo Pixel.

The Arcade cabinet is currently located at:

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1186 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11221. Sun-Thurs 5pm-2am, Fri-Sat 5pm-4am

*Concept & Game Design
Momo Pixel

Mark Kleeb, Dustin Long, Matt Fry 

*Arcade Game Development:
Tuxic, Dustin Long

*Original Developer: Trent Johnson 
Hair Nah arcade
Hair Nah arcade.png
After winning the hands-free open call from Death By Audio Arcade with Hair Nah's arcade concept, Momo began working with the team to bring her concept to life. The Idea: use motion sensors to capture the hand movements and swat away the hands on screen! 

Momo designed a mock-up of the arcade cabinet with a quick 3d look to understand placement of everything and over design. Then began designing the arcade body as Death By Audio Arcade began building the physical body of the arcade and her developer rebuilt Hair Nah in Unity to be compatible with kinect. 
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While programming continued and the DBAA's developer Dustin Long worked on programming and testing the game motion controls. 

The team worked on the body of the cabinet while Momo created new game assets to update the UI for a more seamless user experience. 
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Hair Nah arcade has since become a staple game within Wonderville with players traveling from various regions to play and experience the game in person. 

If you would like to inquire about procuring
your own Hair Nah arcade cabinet for your company or business please c
ontact info@momopixel.com
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