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Realm Game

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The Task: 

Create a quick short form video game and OST that pays homage to Nintendo 64 and invokes a sense of nostalgia. 

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Game Design - Momo Pixel

Music - Momo Pixel 

Development - Tuxic

The Approach:

Enamored with the need for something simple and the appreciation for older games, with this quick assignment I aimed to create a calming game that explored mixing 2d and 3d pixel art. 


To begin we blocked out the space. My goal was to create a simple maze like environment, something that felt like a hide and seek playground adventure. A game that could be VR or PC.

3 of em.jpg
The Execution:

Using my own ip with a 2 week deadline, I created a simple prompt to format the game around: Locate the hidden stars.

With the goal established I created
both 2d pixel assets and 3d voxel assets. It was a great exercise in translating my style into a more 3d look. While pixel art is traditionally associated with 2d, it can also be applied to 3d environments. Every asset didn't make it into the game with the deadline invoked, however the goal was still achieved. A simple game prototype was created that invoked nostalgia and provided a therapeutic environment.

It was a fun exercise and I thoroughly enjoyed creating the soundtrack for it. Perhaps in the future more Momoland ideas will be explored.

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