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Create a personal game and unique sprite sheet, along with two other guest artists, to be pre-loaded into Google's first-ever interactive video game builder in a Doodle to celebrate the 82nd birthday of Gerald “Jerry” Lawson, one of the fathers of modern gaming.


Momo Pixel:

Guest Artist/ Game Designer

Google Doodle Team:

*Art Director Art & UX Design: 

Nate Swinehart:

Art & UX Design: Winnie Ma

Engineering: Mark Ivey

Engineering: Conner Lane

Engineering: Katherine Lee

Engineering: Gu J

Engineering: Grant King

Engineering: Jacob Howcroft

Engineering: Tom Tabanao

Music/Sound: surasshu 

Producer/Program Managers: Brittany Dandy, Brenna Fallon

Doodle Team Lead: Jessica Yu

an image of a sketch for Momo pixel's google doodle game character
Jerry Lawson developed the first home video gaming system with interchangeable game cartridges. He helped shape the gaming world to what it is today and became a beacon for what many people strive to do in their lives, have a positive impact on the world.

As I took a look into Mr. Lawson's journey, one of the things I loved learning most about him was that he tinkered and made electronics even outside of work. He made a whole arcade machine just for fun. He enjoyed what he did and was just being himself and it encouraged me to be myself and make the kind of game I would like. 

So I thought back to my first experiences with games; Mario on Nintendo 64, F-Zero racing games, the visuals of Kirby, and went with the simple idea: "An ice cream scoop scoppin up scoops of ice cream and cake" Haha that's it!

I wanted to create something whimsical, fun, and eye catching. Because while I absolutely love creating games that teach and have deeper meanings. This time around I just wanted to create something that was lighthearted and fun just to be fun, because games can be whatever you want. And that was the lesson I took from Mr. Lawson and wanted others, especially kids, to take away from my game.

From written ideas, to sketches, and wips. I worked to incorporate my gaming inspirations (kirby!) with my own design aesthetic within this ice cream and cake world.

For my game cover, I looked at classic Channel F cartridges for inspiration even incorporating a large yellow number with purple backing much like they did in 1976. 


The interactive Google Doodle was launched December 1-2, 2022 in 25 countries and met with rave reviews!

Featuring games from Davionne Gooden, Lauren Brown, and I. 


It garnered millions of media impressions, articles and speed run videos, but above all else people around the world played and made games all while learning about the brilliance of Jerry Lawson!

It was a huge success and a complete honor and amazing experience to be a part. A complete creative and gaming dream come true and I cant give enough kudos to the Google Doodle team and a big loving shoutout to Nate Swinehart. A truly wonderful creative and art director. 

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